At Snowy River Vet Clinic we offer a wide range of veterinary services to help look after you and your much loved furry family member. Snowy River Vet Clinic has been providing veterinary services to the Orbost and Far East Gippsland pet community for over 30 years. Our team of vets and vet nurses strive to provide you with caring and compassionate veterinary service to enhance the quality of life for your beloved pet.

Fully Equipped Veterinary Hospital

  At our fully equipped veterinary hospital in Orbost, we provide preventative medicine services to help look after your furry family member, as well as assessment, diagnosis and treatment of your pets should they become unwell.

Veterinary Services for small animals of all shapes and sizes!

We treat a wide range of animals in our clinic, with our vets having experience with:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Ferrets
  • Rabbits
  • Guinea Pigs
  • Rats
  • A wide variety of birds

Prevention is preferable to a cure!

What better way to look after your pet’s health than to help minimise his risk of getting ill in the first place? Our veterinary team perform annual health checks – ensuring your pet is healthy and well. We look for changes that may not be obvious, such as:

  • a heart murmur
  • dental disease
  • new lumps
  • putting on or losing too much weight

Our pets dietary needs change as they grow and age!

Did you know that through your pet’s life, their dietary requirements will change? During your pet’s health check, our caring veterinary team ensure you have the most up to date and accurate information for looking after your pet - helping them be a happy and healthy part of your family.

Keep your pet and family safe with regular flea, tick and worming control!

Because we come into close contact with our beloved small animals, it is important they are regularly dewormed, flea treated, and have tick prevention – not only to protect their health, but crucially, to keep your family safe! A key part of the veterinary services we provide is designed to protect your family. We ensure that your household has the most appropriate parasite control program for where you live and where you travel. Preventing worm infections, flea infestations and paralysis tick toxin is important to keeping you and your furry companion happy and healthy!

Keep your pet safe with regular vaccinations against contagious and deadly diseases!

 Effective vaccines are available to help prevent a wide range of deadly diseases including: 

Dogs: Protection from deadly parvovirus, hepatitis and distemper as well as protection from highly contagious canine cough Cats: Protection from deadly feline panleucopenia virus, feline immunodeficiency virus (“cat AIDS”), protection from highly contagious feline rhinotracheitis virus (“cat flu”), feline calicivirus and Chlamydophila felis Ferrets: Protection from deadly parvovirus Rabbits: Protection from deadly calcivirus

We are here for when your pet is unwell or injured as well!

Sadly, many animals get sick or injured at some point during their life. At Snowy River Vet Clinic, we understand how distressing it is for you when your pet is unwell and can’t tell you what’s wrong. Our experienced team of veterinarians and vet nurses strive to work out the best care for your pet:

  • An in clinic pharmacy gives us rapid access to many animal specific medications
  • Veterinary Acupuncture is available on site with a fully qualified acupuncture vet
  • In hospital care and facilities are available for patients needing to stay with us for their treatment
  • Our clinic has a fully equipped surgical theatre, allowing surgery to occur on site If your pet is sick or injured , our compassionate team is here to help, even in the middle of the night! Give us a call on 03 5154 2387 for assistance.