Snowy River Vet Clinic provides a range of veterinary services for farm animals. We understand that honest assessment and advice of your livestock and herd is crucial to the profitable running of your farming enterprise.

Where we travel to:

We service Orbost and the surrounding district, with regularly scheduled visits to:

  • Cann River
  • Mallacoota
  • Genoa
  • Buchan
  • Gelantipy

    Vets also service:

  • Ensay
  • Omeo
  • Swifts Creek
  • Goongerah
  • Bonang

Herd Health Services and Advice

Veterinary care of livestock goes far beyond just looking at an individual animal. Our farm animal veterinarians understand that in order to be profitable, your herd needs to be:

  • Healthy – weight, protected appropriately from diseases, eradicate diseases
  • Performing well reproductively – readily getting pregnant, calving/kidding/lambing well
  • Producing well – whether that’s through target growth rates, calf rearing management, or milk production parameters

We help your enterprise optimise your livestock performance:

The health of your farm animals is critical to the success of your business – we offer a range of veterinarian services for farm animals, including:

  • Cattle Pregnancy Testing: including certified in calf and early ultrasound detection
  • Mastitis investigation and management
  • Disease control and eradication
  • Vaccination advice
  • Dairy calf rearing advice and management
  • Reproductive programs
  • Cattle AI
  • Nutritional advice
  • MAP accredited vets

Balancing the cost of treatment with economic reality

Even with the most diligent care, farm animals and herds can get sick, leading to significant production losses, financial losses and loss of livestock. All of the vets at Snowy River Vet Clinic are able to conduct Disease Outbreak Investigation – accessing financial assistance from the government to help work out what is, or is not the problem, and how to reduce the risk of it happening in future seasons. We also understand that sometimes the economic value of the animal is less than the cost of treatment – we are always happy to discuss the costs of treatment and prognosis for the animal to help you reach an informed decision that is best for your farm’s operation.

Emergency Care

When your valuable livestock are sick, injured or in trouble, the team here at Snowy River Vet Clinic is able to help.

Whether it’s the middle of the day or the middle of the night, all of our vets are experienced at assisting cows, goats and sheep. Give us a call on 03 5154 2387.

If the phone is not attended, simply leave a message and the duty vet will get back to you as soon as possible.

The team at Snowy River Vet Clinic understand that the health of farm animals is critical to the successful running of a farm enterprise.

We are experienced working with farm animals and live and work in the local community.

If you want to speak to one of our veterinarians, call us today on 03 5154 2387.