Responsible use of products containing Ceftiofur.

For many years there has been concern about the building resistance of bacteria to antibiotics. Over more recent years there has been increasing about the use of antibiotics in agriculture and the potential for resistance to build in bacterial populations in animals and this flowing over to create problems for human health.

Ceftiofur is the antibiotic found in Excenel, Accent, and Ceftiosan. It is related, (broadly) to penicillin, but is a newer generation antibiotic; many bacteria that are resistant to other antibiotics are sensitive to this drug.

In cattle Cetiofur is registered for use in specific types of respiratory disease of cattle. For many years it has been used by dairy farmers for the treatment of foot rot in cattle. It has had the advantage over other antibiotics that it doesn’t have any milk withholding period. This may have economic benefits if the cattle are producing well, and management benefits in that you don’t have to worry about antibiotic contaminated milk going into the vat. However, this is considered to be an inappropriate use of an antibiotic that is of significance in the human health. High use of antibiotics increases the rate of development of resistance within the bacterial populations.

We will no longer be prescribing any products containing Ceftiofur except for specific situations that vets have seen and have decided that it is the most appropriate drug.