At a mere 3 months of age, Max was still learning about staying out from under the feet of his new family. While helping bring in the firewood, Max tripped up his young owner and a piece of wood fell out of his owner’s hand and onto his paw! He was very sore and didn’t want to put his foot down or let anyone touch it.

Concerned by Max’s pain and worried there might be some serious damage, Max was rushed into the vet clinic. His paw was swollen and very painful. After his full exam, and a discussion about whether to go ahead with x-rays straight away or let Max rest with some pain relief, it was decided to take a conservative approach to Max’s injury. He was given some pain relief and taken home to bed.

Max improved greatly on his pain relief but a week later was still limping and a bit tender. Bruising should have resolved by now so Max came back to have some x-rays taken of his paw. It was very important that Max hold perfectly still for his x-rays - not a talent of most 3 month old pups, so he was given a sedative prior to his x-rays. Sedatives are needed for most patients having x-rays. It allows the veterinary team to get better quality images while also reducing staff member exposure to radiation.

| Max’s x-rays revealed he had a substantial crush injury to his toes, with some fractures present. While he was sleepy, a splint was put on his broken foot to help it heal properly. Keeping a splint on a young puppy is very challenging: its not allowed to get wet, muddy, chewed on, or pulled off. Max required several splint changes over the next month as he grew, it got wet, or he pulled it off! It was a daunting task for the whole family.

  A month after the original injury, Max's foot had another x-ray and his fracture was healing very well - he was allowed to be splint free! Well done Max!